Tuesday, January 25, 2005
I'd like to introduce our remote, "Dada."
Over the weekend, Jacob started saying "Dada." At first he was pretty indiscriminate with it, but now he pretty much only says it to two things: my husband, and the television remote. I'm not sure whether there's a connection there...

I am ready for a "Mama," now. I wasn't feeling too concerned one way or the other about Jacob speaking, but he chose "Dada" first so now I'm super-ultra-mega jealous, and my communications to him in the past 2 days have consisted almost entirely out of me saying "mama" in various inflections.

No, not really. But I do want to hear it, darn it!

In other news, Jacob has learned how to tug on his ear and take off his socks. Does this mean that he's preparing himself for an eventual career as a baseball manager or a stripper?

Oh, must run, His Royal Whineness is calling me...