Thursday, August 24, 2006
The Bad
There was little bad news, and big bad news.

The little bad was, as we were driving toward my mother's house to pick up Emily, I was rolling along in a line of 30-mph traffic when I got penalized for not tailgating. A bozo travelling in the opposite direction turned left in front of me, the road was slick, my brakes locked... and, yeah. No one was hurt. Unless you consider me clenching my jaw and glaring real hard at the other driver.

He was driving a black pickup, and I'm happy to report that my soccer-mom-mobile won... if you look in the picture, you can see a black streak of something or other starting above the headlight spot and heading backward - that's actually a strip of black plastic that my minivan ripped out of the back bumper of the pickup. Take THAT, stupid in-a-hurry driver.

And he was ticketed, and he was insured. So it worked out okay... or, it should. We'll see.

The big bad news is that my father-in-law died on Sunday. He wasn't a good man, but he did the best he could with what he had, and I liked him. Willem had spent the prior week there with his mother and brother (and Jacob), and so his father died with his family near him, in his own home, as comfortable as he could be made given the circumstances.

I don't have anything deep or meaningful to say about his death, or death in general. It's part of life, it's hard on the people left behind, it's not glamorous or pleasant.

He'll be missed.