Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Foghat Hates Me
I had to drive to Concord this morning for a court hearing - part of my job is to involuntarily hospitalize people if they refuse or can't afford to go to a private hospital and can't be safe at home. It's way, WAY less exciting than it sounds... given delays and slow hearings, I ended up spending 4 hours in the waiting area and 6 minutes in the courtrooms. Total. And I didn't bring a book or anything, so I read the February 2005 Better Homes and Gardens. Twice.

On the drive there, which is 40 miles, I got stuck behind a 400-year-old woman who refused to go above 35 mph. In a 55-mph zone. And it's just twisty and turny enough that I didn't dare pass her. So I had LOTS of time to flip through radio stations and sigh and mutter. One station played "Slow Ride" by Foghat, which I would have found amusing if someone else was driving. But it was me driving, so it wasn't funny. I changed stations... and ANOTHER station was playing the same song. Nice to know that Foghat feels my pain.

I also had time to discover that apparently McDonalds' radio ads are intended to make a statement along the lines of, "Stupid people eat here. So don't worry. You can eat here and you won't be the dumbest person we've ever heard of. Come to McDonalds and feel smart by comparison!"

I did laugh out loud when I passed an Agway or something similar - their sign out front read, "Freedom isn't free and you can't fix stupid, but we can make your lawn ready for winter!" I have no idea what that means, but it struck me as profound.

Now I'm back at work and counting the minutes till I can just go home. And waiting for "...take it EAS-yy..." to not be stuck in my head anymore.