Friday, November 05, 2004
Random insanity
Things are always crazy busy at our house... but recently the emphasis is a bit stronger on the "crazy" part...

I was breastfeeding Jacob (14 weeks old today) last night on the couch, and he let go, gave me a big milky grin, and proceeded to latch onto the side of my breast hard enough to leave a hickey. My God, son, let's develop some better aim, shall we?

My daughter is 4-going-on-14, complete with tantrums. But it's okay, because I can subtly get back at her by stealing her Halloween candy while she naps.

On Tuesday I was cleaning up the yard and taking down the Halloween decorations while the kids slept. I had a jack o'lantern in my arms and was walking down our deck steps when I slipped and fell down the last three steps, somehow the pumpkin bonked me under the chin so I bit my lip, and I landed flat on my face in the grass. Just as a group of high school boys from the track team ran by. So sexy. I sprained my ankle and I have a suspiciously orange-tinted bruise under my chin.

Jacob has moved into size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. Know how I know? Cuz we were at a (really, really boring) birthday party for one of my daughter's friends when Jacob had a sudden poop explosion - out the sides and top of the diaper, all over his outfit, and on a big section of my shirt. And all we had in his diaper bag were size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes - that's what fit him a week ago! But no, the diaper was straining at the edges and his poor little toes had to curl up in order to cram him into the outfit. And my poor, shy little boy, who hates being naked at home, was thrilled to pieces at being free and easy at the gymnastics building.

This morning, I accidentally closed my cat in the sliding glass door onto the deck. We've got it down to a routine, I know just how far to open the door and just how long to keep it open, she slips in and life is good. But either my timing is off or she's getting slower, because even though I close the door slowly, I still caught her in it. She's perfectly fine, never even yelped at me - she's just a bit longer and thinner now, I think.

I took a shower with everyone in my house last weekend, one at a time. It was nice to get some alone-time with each person, but I was all pruney by the time we were done. And it felt a bit like a circus event, we're considering selling tickets to the neighbors next time.

Big sigh... the fun never stops...