Saturday, June 11, 2005
A stellar pregnancy moment
Now that it's been about a year, I'm able to look back at this and laugh a little, instead of cry/groan/slam heads on walls.

It happened when I was about 7 months pregnant with Jacob, on a very hot weekend in late May or eary June. I had Emily in the bathtub, and I was sitting with my feet in the tub to try and cool off. She dropped a toy out of the tub, and I leaned backwards to try and get it. I leaned just a bit too far, overbalanced, and fell backwards off the edge of the tub. No big deal, except that my center of gravity was off so I had no chance of catching myself.

I landed directly, rear-end-first, into the Home Depot shopping basket which we somehow inherited and which is the perfect size and mesh-weave for holding bath toys. And guess what?!? My pregnant butt is EXACTLY the same size as a Home Depot shopping basket. Stuck solid, it did.

During my graceful flight off the tub, I reflexively grabbed for the shower curtain, and proceeded to pull that down on top of my head, bar and all.

So, I'm awkwardly sprawled on the bathroom floor, on my back, my butt hermetically wedged into a shopping basket still mostly full of very sharp, pointy tub toys (I never realized we gave her forks and chainsaws to play with, but that's sure what it felt like on my poor little bottom), my head dangerously close to the toilet, a shower curtain fallen down on my head, and I am stuck. Completely unable to move. I yelled, daintily I'm sure, for my husband, who came running.

And, bless his heart - I try to keep moments like this in mind when he's at his most testosterone-ish - he picked me up and got me back on my feet WITHOUT running to get the camera first. I'm not sure I would have had the same decency.