Monday, May 23, 2005
This *is* normal for us.
Things have settled back into a more predictable, happy sort of chaos here. My husband is back from his weekend away, and he spent yesterday in the grips of a lovely hangover. Seems like appropriate punishment for having the audacity to enjoy himself without my stunning company. But in any case, we did miss him and it feels so much more normal here now. I just didn't know what to do with myself in a house where no one was sarcastic or pestering me for sex.

Jacob is not showing any signs of damage from his leap off the changing table, though now he is teething. Which for him means drool. Copious amounts of it. I've already changed his shirt three times today, and I am not the type of mom who normally changes a baby at the first sign of messiness. ("Hmm... well, he HAS been wearing these pajamas all day, but the applesauce from breakfast and the sweet potatoes from lunch sort of blend into the pattern... I think he can make it till bathtime when I have to get him naked anyway...") But he has been soaking THROUGH his bibs and I don't want his chest to get irritated, so we've been playing peek-a-boo a few more times than usual today.

The next month promises to be pretty hectic... between the normal weekend madness and our move at the end of June, I have a few thousand details to deal with. And I'm never able to predict what will be easy and what will be hard. Getting home insurance, not a problem (once I called someone other than DAVE who just wanted to KNOW how much the HOUSE was WORTH and WHEN we would MOVE and WHY we'd used our CURRENT insurance for WATER DAMAGE and he wasn't SURE he'd be able to INSURE us until DECEMBER so couldn't we just WAIT to MOVE...). Finding out about the cell phone, problem. I live in New Hampshire, which has only one area code - so it's always sort of a mystery whether calls will be local or regional or long distance. At the new house we'll be in good network, so my plan is to have local-only at the house and use the cell for long distance. The only thing I needed to verify was, would my current cell number be a local call from the new house, or should I get a new one?

Now, is that a complicated question? Seriously, is it?? Because it took four people to answer it. I generally find that telephone places are sort of tied into their little scripts and they HATE it when I ask them an unusual question - but if it was a usual question, I'd be able to figure it out myself, or go online, or something, right? So I only need to call when it's something out of the ordinary, and they just hate that. "Well, ma'am, the local calling area for --" No, I don't need to know what towns are in the local calling area, I need to know if this number is in the local calling area. "Oh." [LONG PAUSE] "Well, the local calling area consists of --" No, honest, I don't need that information. "But you can call those numbers locally." Yes, thank you. Can I call THIS number locally? [PAUSE] "Well, the local calling area --" Argh.

(The final answer is, in case you're curious - get a new number.)

Anyway, enough rambling. Must go find another courteous sales representative to put me on hold.