Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I wasn't ready yet.
Jacob took 5 steps tonight! No single steps for this boy, and no standing either - he went from doing 0 steps and no more than 3 seconds of standing to taking five running steps to me at a friend's house this evening! I had been holding him and showing him a toy, and then I put him down on his feet, and he let go of me to play with the toy with both hands - so I went to sit down, expecting him to plunk on his butt like usual. Instead, he giggled at me and ran right over.

He's still super-wobbly, but he did it several times the rest of the evening! Eeek!

He also said "baby," "ni-night," "dada," and "weeeee" (for Emily) today. What has this kid been eating???

*sigh* It's exciting, but extremely bittersweet. I got lulled into complacency by his extended babyhood, and BANG toddlerhood hits me in the face.