Monday, September 05, 2005
Pediatric redemption
Despite days of Severe Crankosity like Jacob had on Satuday, despite Insane Meltdowns like Emily had last night, they do have their redeeming moments!

I stayed up until almost 3:00 last night, a combination of playing around online and typing (fantastic for my pages-per-minute, very efficient... or something totally different than that). Willem left for his baseball game around 7:30 (2-hour drive to the train station, 1-hour train ride to Boston, saves $30 on parking, etc.), so that meant I was up at 7:30. Well, physically vertical, but in no way "up." I shoveled breakfast into the kids (and, judging be the empty bowl on the counter, into myself, too, but I have no memory of it!), got them both set up with toys and TV, and passed out on the couch. They let me sleep for two hours! Jacob just stayed right in the living room with me, puttering around and chatting to himself, and Emily was in and out of the room.

Hooray for baby gates and deadlocks on the door! Hooray for well-behaved children! Hooray for Mama not being a total zombie all day!!!