Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Cat as couch cushion
I had an incident with my cat which was hilarious to me (once I was sure she'd survive) and probably traumatizing for her. She's 9, very sweet, and dumb as a brick... or maybe bricks are even smarter, I dunno. She's developed a delightful new habit of wandering into the room at the same time as one of us, waiting until we have positioned ourselves in front of the couch and are mid-sit, and leaping up onto the couch exactly where we're headed. For several days I had succeeded in popping back up and sweeping her out of the way first, but the other week I had my hands full and wasn't able to, so I sat full on her. I mean, all the way on her. If you had been standing and watching this, you would have seen me sitting on the couch with four paws and a tail peeking out from my rear end. I sprang back up right away, but not before putting far more pressure on her than her ribcage probably intended for her to take. She jumped onto the floor and retched for the next half an hour, and then sat on the back of the couch and purred at me for another hour after that. Stupid cat.