Saturday, August 06, 2005
The boy's got no rhythm...
...but he sure is cute.

Jacob has become somewhat of a dancer lately. The slightest little bit of music, and he starts groovin'. If he's sitting on the floor, he starts bobbing up and down, in a way that somehow makes me think of Marjorie the Trash Heap (anyone else remember "Fraggle Rock"?). If he's standing, he does a vaguely side-to-side bop, though most of his effort goes into creating enough drool to form a soft landing area if/when he lands. And if someone is supporting him while he stands, he'll grab one wrist with the other hand and do their weird, protozoic sort of "stir the pot" move. Very cute, but it's clear that he inherited his dancefloor style from his daddy. He (Jacob) even has the white man's overbite sometimes... give the boy a very small beer and he's ready for a night out.

He's also gotten very affectionate lately, to the point where I'm just working on convincing myself that baby spit must be good for the complexion, because there's no way to minimize his kisses. He also throws kisses now, often from his forehead but sometimes actually from his mouth.

So, he's fun.

As for the rest of my life, it's been hectic. I've had some really long, involved transcription jobs lately, which are good for my wallet and baaaaaaad for what few firing neurons I have left. I can find a way to be interested in almost anything, but not for 8+ hours straight (which works out to 24+ hours of typing it out) of anything. I've slogged through a conference on oil and energy, another conference on dypsnea and other breathing problems, and a civil arbitration case. All of which sounds interesting in a 19-word list, but trust me, they don't talk about them in 19 words or less. (Lest I sound ungrateful, I'm NOT, I love this job... I just wish more people would gossip or complain and then pay to have THAT transcribed.)

And we're still trying to get stuff done on the house. My dad's room is 99% finished, which is good because he moved in yesterday. It still needs some electrical work and a window... I'm comfortable enough with the idea of bashing a hole in the wall of my house, but the idea of playing with electricity makes me a tad nervous, so we're hoping to get some help with that. Then I want to repaint my bedroom. Also *want* to repaint the living room, but I don't see us having time to do that before the housewarming, which is next Satuday. And somehow, having met myself and my husband a few times over the years, I doubt we'll get a whole lot more done on the house once we settle from "It's New! Let's Change It!" to "This Is Where We Live."

For now, though, I have to chase myself to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Jacob has never been a great sleeper, and eveyr few months he dips down into being a horrendous and frustrating sleeper. Last night he was up and miserable from 2:00-3:00 with me, and then, of course, the little beast fell asleep within 20 minutes of Willem taking over. I consider it a testament to my excellent motherhood that I didn't hop out of bed and pinch him for that.