Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Baby on Board
I worked yesterday, which is not usual for me. But with Judi on vacation (and therefore, there is no one here who is well-meaning but so perfect and competent that I literally quiver in fear at her indrawn about-to-offer-a-gentle-reminder breath) they're understaffed, and I earn a nice overtime bonus for extra hours... so Monday it is! The only thing I'd had planned for yesterday was to give blood and get a free t-shirt... and by working 10 extra hours, I can BUY a t-shirt or three.

And it turned out to be an interesting commute, if nothing else. On the way there, I had to go through a bank parking lot to get around a car fire - no one hurt, or at the very least the driver's adrenaline was still pumping enough to let her stand on the sidewalk and have a tantrum. A very nice one, complete with foot-stomping and gesturing, I might add. I was impressed.

Then I saw my running nun again. I just love when she's in full habit, surrounded by kids, talking on the phone. I always assume she's talking directly to The Big Guy. There's a handy number to have on speed dial.

And then I was driving behind a big extended-cab pickup truck with a "BABY ON BOARD" sign, two carseats in the back, and both driver and passenger smoking cigarettes. There was just something paradoxical there to me... they want me to drive extra carefully around them because they have babies in the car, because they would rather expose their children to second-hand smoke and damage them over time rather than having something happen all-at-once like a car accident. Gotcha.

See all these things I missed by staying home full-time? Isn't this worth the trade-off??? ISN'T IT?!?!?

Well, maybe not. But I'm getting health insurance in 6 weeks. That will be cause for much rejoicing.