Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Mean People Doing Bad Things
Last night both my dad and Willem decided to watch TV with me in the evening. This is fairly unusual - my dad is home Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and most weeks he and I will watch TV while Willem does homework or whatever mysterious things he does in the office. Last week, Willem watched TV while my dad was on his second (pardon me while I retch a little) date. But now that school's back in session, it's rare for the three of us to all watch.

Universally, when it comes to fiction/drama/prime time shows, we prefer shows that involve Mean People Doing Bad Things. So, Criminal Minds, Bones, House... crime documentaries narrated by Bill Kurtis... infomercials narrated by Bill Kurtis... you get the idea.

Given our purchase of Grey's Anatomy on DVD over the weekend, I had a lot of shows built up on the DVR last night, so we ended up watching Criminal Minds and Bones and House. And each of them was a letdown in some key way. I know they use their dramatic license, and it's not meant to be really true-to-life, but these episodes were clear examples of airing without a license. Just huge major plot/personality errors, people doing and saying and allowing things they simply would not do and say and allow in real life. Argh. I'm all for entertainment, but when a show bills itself as halfway-intelligent I really need it to follow through.

It doesn't help that, when my father and Willem are in the room, the Frat Boy Mentality takes over and they both end up making constant snide comments and wisecracks at anything and everything they can think of. I understand, you're a pair of comedians, but every once in a while the peanut gallery could just sit there and watch the show. Sheesh.

But I'm keeping the shows all in my DVR's tiny yet effective little brain and I'll give them another chance. I'm big-hearted that way. They'd just BETTER remember that profilers don't engage that personally with suspects, there is such a thing as too damn many coincidences in the forensics lab, and I don't care HOW talented a doctor is, there are limits to bad behavior. And there is no way on God's green earth that the carpet would have been available for reinstallation.