Thursday, October 26, 2006
Arguments, $30
Being Proven Right by Another Fabulous Doctor, priceless.

I just got back from a trip to the neurologist. Now that I suddenly have health insurance after a year and change without, I've been an appointment-making fiend. Today's visit was because I've had migraines since I was 16 and it's been really difficult to find a drug that works. I just counted - I've been on three different take-this-every-day meds, which served to make-me-sleepy but not prevent-headaches, and 10 different as-needed meds, with varying degrees of effectiveness or plain old side-effects-without-relief. Thirteen drugs.

It has long since gotten old. I'm over it.

But, new town, new insurance, new doctor. And, therefore, a new neurologist who thinks he can fix everything better than anyone else in the past. Because why bother being a specialist if you can't be arrogant and condescending as well?

First off, he couldn't be bothered to speak loud enough for me to hear him, or to face me while he spoke. Despite repeated reminders that I'm hard of hearing, both in writing in front of his face and verbally.

Then, he told me that I should just plan to spend another year trying out every medication on the market to see which one might work. And when I told him that I was not willing to go through all that rigamarole, that I'm long past hoping to find the miracle drug and now I just want something that lets me function through the day instead of biting the heads off of random strangers, or whimpering, he told me that I was being resistant to treatment.

Then he did a cursory physical exam and billed for a "Comprehensive Exam." And I get dinged for a $30 copay, because I have insurance but I don't have GOOD insurance.

So, now I get to decide, will I follow up with this putz in a month or will I call my primary care physician, who seems vaguely human, and figure out a way to just stop pretending like referrals are the answer? I am so tired of being an adult sometimes.

And I'm REALLY tired of being a polite adult.

Bah. I could have stayed home and argued with any one of my family members, for free.