Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Goof's Anatomy
Apparently Jacob is a big hit at daycare now. They told me this morning that yesterday when he was having a diaper change, he informed them, quite gravely, "I have a penis. That's my penis. It's right there."

They agreed.

Then once the new diaper was on, he announced, "My penis is hiding!"

I'm just glad he didn't repeat the conversation he and I had Monday in the shower, when he was quite concerned because I didn't have a penis, too.

And it brings back a fond memory of the time when I had a similar shower-based conversation with Emily, who was talking about her bagina.
"You have a bagina, Mama?"
"Yes, I do."
[introspective pause]
"Does Dada have a bagina?"
"No, sorry, he doesn't."
[longer introspective pause]
"We should get him one. At the bagina store."
"Hmm. We'll think about it."

Willem's still waiting for THAT shopping trip to happen.