Friday, October 13, 2006
Sweet, Sweet Closure
Or, you know, no closure at all. Whatever.

I just got this response from the Better Business Bureau in response to the minivan mileage incident.

Thank you for the information you provided regarding the above-mentioned company. Your correspondence was received by the BBB on October 12, 2006 and has been assigned case# XXXXXXX in our files.

We appreciate your effort in bringing this to our attention. Information from the public is always valuable to us.

As you have not requested our mediation services in regards to this issue, this will become a part of the BBB's file on the business.

A summary of this complaint case can be viewed by clicking here.


Cassandra Anthony
Consumer Analyst
BBB Complaint Department

Oh, Cassandra, I am glad to know my complaint is being heard and dealt with. And even gladder to know that you're sincere.

Deep sigh. Once again I am penalized for not being money-hungry and litigious. And contentious. If I had checked the little box stating that I was looking for compensation, Cassandra might have called me directly. Another lost opportunity, and I just don't care enough about it to pursue further.

Though the contentious part, that's under review right now. I just had a very long conversation with my coworker M, who was upset with me about the scheduling on Friday. I can't tell whether we made any headway in the conversation or not, but I have a headache now so that has to count for something. I hate feeling defensive, particularly when I wasn't really being attacked in the first place.