Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Inadvertant One-Up-Man-Ship
My dad and I just had the pizza buffet lunch at Pizza Hut. We were planning to just go pick up his car from the repair shop and then go our separate ways, but when he noticed me frantically rifling through my purse hoping for a lonely Tic-Tac in the bottom to tide me over, he suggested lunch.

I'm not very smart when my blood sugar is low. Else I might have figured that out all by myself.

We went to the Pizza Hut across the street from the repair shop. We arrived at 11:15. The Door Greeter Lady informed us that the pizza buffet didn't actually start until 11:30, but the salad was ready so we could start with that. So we did.

Which meant that bang on the dot of 11:30, we were ready when they started bringing out their really strange selection of buffet pizzas. (Does no one ever eat just single-topping, or even plain cheese, pizza on a buffet? Am I the only one who doesn't want some random combination of three mismatched objects strewn about my lunch?) And apparently this was deeply offensive and upsetting to the regular lunch crowd, who arrived to the door at 11:30 and thus had to have the second, or even third, slice out of the buffet pizzas.

They glared at us. Twice. Once on their way to the buffet, and once on their way back. I had no idea that being the first to the pizza was such a big deal in this town. Next time I'll at least do it on purpose.