Thursday, December 21, 2006
Belligerent Drunk
Willem and my dad went out last night, and did their best to relieve the town of its clear oversupply of beer. Makes me sleep better at night, knowing they're addressing this serious problem.

After they came home, they were both belligerent and loud, but giggly. Like a schoolgirl in a 'roid rage, only without the pigtails. Willem did some drunken emailing - and you know it was typed under the influence, regardless of the perfection of the grammar, because he had to ask how to spell "infidel" and "hi ho the dairy-o." Which created a controversy, clearly split along gender lines: men think it should be spelled "derry-o" and women think it's "dairy-o." I came to this conclusion after a rigorous scientific study of the entire population of my living room, and considering that two-thirds of the subjects were feschnikered (spelling provided by a now-sober Willem) and the other third was the always-right and only-female-in-the-room me, I'm comfortable relying on the "dairy-o" result.

Which somehow reminds me that recently I was able to achieve a higher state of being, in fact a leap beyond my normal supremeness. Before falling asleep the other night, I was able to use the word "Fanilow" in a sentence. Willem had never heard the word before, so I was basically able to sacrifice a virgin.

Seriously, it's a challenge being this cool.

How's that for a rambling, random post? I'm so tired I'm having trouble pointing both eyes in the same direction. I stayed up until 1:30 this morning finishing a sweater for MB's baby, who is due to make her debut any second now, and then today I had a FABULOUS (sure, why not?) staff meeting followed by five hours of Christmas shopping. I'm about to slide into a retail coma.

Which actually kind of sucks a wee tad bit, because I have an important (to me, anyway) post brewing, all about the big secret I've been carting around for a few months which is close enough to reality that I have to talk about it or explode, plus I've been given permission to go public... it's the thing I was referring to in Vignette #3.

So, on that big mysterious note... I'll come back tomorrow when I have more than one firing brain cell, and try to organize my thoughts about it all.