Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Gay Pride Yahtzee
Nobody needs a full play-by-play of the Christmas revelries here, especially because they were pleasant and unnoteworthy. Which doesn't make for fascinating reading, but it's wonderful to actually just experience a holiday with no tears or hurt feelings or permanent scars.

So, instead, just the highlights:
My mother-in-law was quiet.

Mary enjoyed her llamas. Which, I can now tell you, weren't actually llamas. They were actually keys, of all sorts and sizes, plus a soldering iron, so that she can start on a new project while at my house. Her last project was to use beach glass and mosaic the top of a former microwave stand in our kitchen. This time we're thinking she can solder (and no, I don't know why it's pronounced "sodder") keys together to make a lampshade or bowls or whatever. Look:

People do TOO get suicidal on Christmas. Lots of them. But I was able to be home for the opening of presents, the cooking of the meal, and the end of the eating of the meal. And I got paid well. So it was fine. (Less fine for the suicidal people, but even then... it all worked out.)

Willem doesn't like my taste in rings, he thinks I like things that are too wild or weird or... something. Edited: Willem, I'm kidding. I know you like some of my taste in rings. Just not all..... pfbllghtt. But he picked out a lovely ring for me, which I need to get sized so I can wear it on my right hand. My poor right ring finger has been ever so naked ever since the emerald ring he gave me for my 25th birthday got all warped and cranky, started wearing a lot og black eye shadow and not making eye contact, you know the scene. Look:

We had dinner at our house last night for Willem's birthday (all together, now, "Happy birthday, Willem!"). The guest list was comprised of my dad and his new girlfriend, whom we had never met before - she's very nice and sweet and she picked up Gripe Rummy just like that, so she earns the stamp of approval.

Gripe Rummy, you ask? It's a complicated card game that apparently only about two dozen people on earth play. We're always on the lookout for new victims.

As for the Gay Pride Yahtzee thing, just trust me that it was much funnier in the moment after a night of hanging out, but it stems from the fact that those Hershey kisses with the candy coating - these things - make a sound just like dice when dropped on a wooden table. See? Not funny now, but last night, trust me. High humor.