Wednesday, January 17, 2007
I Was Here First
Recently, it has come to my attention that there's a movie coming out "soon." I don't know how soon, because the hit counters don't tell me the answers when people type in questions for searches. Questions like, "When does the movie Because I Said So come out?"

Sigh. I was here first. I had this title before I knew that such a movie was happening. I'm sure that the movie was in production before I changed the name of the blog, because the name change was, what, three or four months ago? More recently than a movie would come out... but it wasn't advertised yet, as of then.

Sigh. But I feel like a plagiarizing, unoriginal, me-too'ing copycat. So do I change the name again, or wait for the movie to blow over? I was considering, in honor of the upcoming Parisian adventures, calling it C'est la Kate but... I dunno.

I'm flaky today. Got any opinions?