Friday, February 16, 2007
Coinage of the Dental Sprite
I could give you far to much information about my past few days, but it can be summed up by this morning's shopping trip: I had to choose a self-checkout grocery store so that I didn't have to struggle with the embarrassing eye contact while purchasing certain embarrassing products which I was masking with a large package of paper plates and a 12-pack of soda. Just... well, any sort of Preparation, and I don't care what letter it is, is not my favorite thing to shop for. Nor are those little tiny Band-Aid looking things that I just paid my doctor a $20 copay to tell me to go buy for myself and then cover with duct tape. I have spent money happier on trips to the dentist.

Speaking of which, I also got to take Emily to the dentist this morning. I tell you what, nothing says "Mother of the Year" like bringing your kid to have a molar extracted because it's got an abscess and chronic infection, in her head, near her brain. While there, in the room with Emily, I got a call from Willem, and I suddenly remembered that the Tooth Fairy in my house brings Sacagawea dollars but I wasn't sure that I had any of those laying around the house. So I asked, "Hey, on your way home, can you stop at the bank and get --" whoops, she's right there! Don't ruin the Tooth Fairy myth already! "... uh... get some coinage of the Dental Sprite."


Husband activates mental thesaurus.

Continued silence. Then - "Oh! Right! Coinage of the Dental Sprite! Got it!"

So the myth can continue. What a relief.