Wednesday, March 14, 2007
C U Next ... Sunday.
Though if it were next Tuesday I could officially be adolescent and inappropriate. I consider it a lost opportunity.

Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow morning for the weekend, and I'm *gasp* not bringing my laptop, so there shall be deafening silence from me, computerally speaking. I know, woe is you all. I bet you'll suffer through.

We're flying southward, which is great fun to try to explain to a 2-year-old who's never been on a plane before. Apparently, Jacob views airplanes as cute little accessories in the sky, purely decorative and not functional in the least. He really, really wants to know what color plane we'll ride in. I don't even remember what airline we're flying, off the top of my head. Probably should figure that out before tomorrow.

Emily remains obsessed with seeing the Hope Diamond. I told her it was cursed, and after an hour or so of being freaked out, she has decided she HAS to see it. I've tried to warn her that they won't let her touch it, and she is unfazed by this.

Otherwise, we don't have specific plans while there, more just a series of general things - we'll take one of the trolley or bus tours, we'll eat in overpriced restaurants, we'll go do something Irish on Saturday. We'll just not be in New Hampshire, where there's almost a foot of snow on my front yard but it was warm enough for me to walk out to my minivan in bare feet last night.

And Willem is also not bringing his laptop, so we may actually spend some quality time as a family instead of congregating in the living room and indulging in separate interests for the evening. What a concept.

So, we're off. Au revoir!