Wednesday, April 25, 2007
What's Less Fun Than Strep Throat?
One might think that strep throat all by itself would be plenty excitement for me, but apparently not. I ended up in the hospital this morning, dehydrated and with a possible allergy to medication or kidney infection. The short version is, Willem initially freaked out but ended up doing a fantastic job of managing the household and shepherding my loopy, pathetic self around; it's "only" dehydration as a complication from strep and 6 hours of vomiting overnight; and... well, I'd like to be witty enough to come up with a third thing, but I just can't. I'm tired.

Way, WAY awkward to go into the emergency room as a patient, seeing as how I work there. Go ahead, you wear your jammies to your work and see how comfortable you feel. But the good news is, having connections meant I was fast-tracked and treated with some humor. Like when she gave me this horrible, snot-consistency viscous lidocaine crap to try and swallow to numb my throat, Nurse Betsy admitted, "Sometimes we crowd in to watch people drink this, because you all make such horrible faces. But just for you, we'll make an exception... we hooked up the camera instead."

Everyone's a comedian.

Anyway, I plan on continuing to hold down the couch and whimper through most of the day tomorrow, and am not sure whether I'll go to work on Friday. My computer is still broken, mostly because I didn't do a thing about trying to have it fixed today. Ain't life grand?