Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I Think, Therefore I ... Blog?
The lovely, talented, and fertile Melissa has bestowed upon me a Thinking Blogger Award, either because my posts make her think or because I am one of only three in her acquaintance whose writing is so singularly uninspiring that we are the last remaining ones not to have gotten this award already. I have been known to drool on my keyboard a time or two, but I think instead we'll be all optimistic and assume it's because I'm so wicked cool. (Stop the presses! I was also awarded over at In the Trenches of Mommyhood, which clearly means I actually am wicked cool.)

There's a certain pressure I feel, now, to write something thoughtful. But, you know what? I just did. Can't have too many thoughts in one week, you know? Bad for the complexion.

So, instead, I'm passing along a few others who make me think, whether I'd like to or not. In no particular order...
  • Do I Have to Call it a Blog?
  • Authoress Wordnerd right now makes me think, "Gee, I hope she returns soon." But when she is posting more regularly, she has been known to make me giggle unprofessionally at just the right turn of phrase.
  • Penguins in the Fridge
  • Sara makes me think a lot about parenthood, and new babies, and adoption, and the passage of time. And I wonder just how other people saw me in college, because I certainly wasn't seeing myself in the clearest light.
  • ....and other things not-so-holy
  • Sometimes, after reading Bob, all I can think is, "....huh?"
  • Not So Daily Thoughts
  • Jordanna makes me think about the similarities and differences in lives... how one or two small (or huge, you know, whatever) changes can create such wildly different outcomes. Oh, and she makes me feel better about my own addiction to crap TV.
  • Ostendo
  • Daedalus et al. most often make me think, "I really need to not visit this site from work."

So, go forth and think!