Friday, February 04, 2005
Poop, tooth, and babyphobia
My poor sweet baby boy, he's had a trying time of it today.

First, he's been constipated for a few days. No big deal, it's just his little system adjusting to various solid foods in different amounts. But last night he didn't sleep well at all, up every 2-3 hours (after he had been sleeping through the night), and I wasn't sure whether he was teething or having a bellyache or both. So, I figured I'd hit him with some prunes today, just in case.

Now, if you ever find yourself on a particularly weird and twisted version of Jeopardy, and the Answer is, "About an hour and 20 minutes," I can tell you the question: "How long does it take for prunes to work their magic on Jacob?" My goodness, that boy can poop. Yeeeeeee haw. Lifted himself right off my lap.
Then, this evening, we went over to a friend's-, and discovered that Jacob is apparently TERRIFIED of other babies! Just too funny, he'd be pretty quiet most of the time, which is his normal way when he's in a new place... not especially clingy, but not real chatty, just sort of feeling the place out. I lowered him down to meet baby Brandon, and Jacob screamed like he was being poked with a pin. So I put him back to my shoulder, Instant Calm. This happened several times - he was comfortable with Nicole (the mom), comfortable with her older son, fine with me or Emily, but he'd look at Brandon and just lose it. He did eventually calm down, and the boys bonded over shared drool and chocolate chip cookies (and really, can you think of a better basis for a good relationship?), very cute.

And while we were there, I did the obsessive-400th-time-today-mouth-sweep to check for teeth - and you know how you start to feel like even though you're TELLING people you think he'll get teeth "any day now" but you secretly believe that he'll be the only toothless kid in kindergarten? - and lo and behold, we have a little puppy tooth! Poor baby, no wonder he was feeling a little freaked out. But some Motrin and some nursing calmed him down, and he really enjoyed the rest of his visit.

Busy day for a little guy!