Thursday, April 13, 2006
Caricatures of themselves
Oh, we are so in the middle of post-Grandma hell, and we're not even all the way post yet. We're home, but we have my sister Mary and her friend Alexis (OHHHH what a relief to finally be able to type that, it was killing me, keeping it a surprise from her!) for a few days, and several grandmother types on their way tomorrow to spend the weekend.

Emily talks talks talks, nonstop, and alternates between repeating inane things she's already said and bossing people around. Jacob is fine except that he suddenly has decided that the basic activities of daily life, like eating and sleeping, are for mere mortals, which he clearly is not. So between the two of them, I have little veins standing up all over my forehead. Emily has always been talkative, and Jacob has always know what he wants and when he wants it. But this is ridiculous.

Within the next 5 days, I have several hours of typing to do for work, planning of a 6-year-old's birthday party (It BETTER not rain. I can not have 15 6-year-olds in my house. I just can't.), dyeing of Easter eggs and planning of Easter dinner, plus, you know, I think I should shower. One of these days. In between not killing my children.