Monday, June 12, 2006
Yes, those are my children. So?
We just did a big biweekly grocery-shopping extravaganza, and apparently I picked out the cart which had previously been used to house someone's glass shards collection, because Jacob would have NOTHING to do with sitting in it. He expressed his displeasure by taking off his Thomas the Tank Engine sandals and throwing them. Way harsh, man.

So after an aisle or two, Willem and I sort of tacitly decided to stop parenting. We let both kids just run amok through the store - lots of shouting and giggling and intermittent shoe-throwing. I imagine they were incredibly annoying, and scores of harried shoppers are sitting at home right now telling their significant others, "You would not believe the two imps I saw at the store today."

But you know what? They never ran into anyone, or hurt themselves or anyone else, and no merchandise was harmed in the spazzing of these children. So... hooray for laziness. It got us through the store and we even had time for coupons.