Thursday, July 27, 2006
I Fweepin'
We moved Jacob into a twin bed yesterday. We decided to use the same process that we'd done with Emily - cram the bed into the room with the crib still set up and let him choose for a while, and then eventually phase the crib out when he's ready. And he had the exact same response that Emily had four years ago - he loves, loves, loves his bed, is just so excited and proud of himself for being in it, climbed in and out about 400 times the first hour it was ready (no small feat, given the big wooden bar along the room-side of it).

He likes to hop in, pull the covers up to his chin, make sure Kitty is all tucked in next to him, and announce, "Go 'way, Mama. I fweepin'!"

I could just weep.