Thursday, August 10, 2006
I Heart the Internet
So, today, I got a free pull-out couch. It's not a sexy, perfect-condition item, but it was FREE and it's sturdy and it's not ugly nor offensively stained. I got it from, and let me just offer both a shout-out and a good firm pinch to Kim for getting me hooked on that. One more site to visit at work to risk the wrath of Rick.

And I just joined a blogroll,, because I'm really, really bad at simply surfing the web. I know people can do it, and do it well, and even like it. But me, I click on three different sites and then I pull a blank and I get bored and I log off. Here's another way to let me wander into cyberspace in between calls at work. Can you hear Rick simply brimming over with bliss?

And while we're at it, this past January I started watching Grey's Anatomy, which has become my mental floss. (I also heart DVR.) And the Grey's website has a writers' blog that kept me entertained for hours on Wednesday. Hours. HOURS, Rick!