Monday, August 07, 2006
I Have Been Rendered Obsolete
Tonight, the kids took a bath together - as usual. But this time they were in there for a good hour or more, and I didn't have to wander in and glare menacingly once. Then Emily helped Jacob get out of the tub and climb onto his potty seat, and she cheered in a very Mommy-like manner while he created output.

Then she cleaned up the bathroom, sent him to me ("Go tell Mama what you did!" in the precise tone and cadence that I have him go tell Daddy), and then politely requested dessert, after reading two books on the couch. She'd have gotten their dessert on her own if she could reach the freezer.

Right now she's reading him a bedtime story. I am apparently useless. But neither one of them can reach his CD player, so I'll be useful sometime soon... however briefly.

Nights like this make up for the days when I would swear that someone has snuck sextuplets into my house when I wasn't looking.