Friday, July 28, 2006
Listen to This One
No, I mean it. Really, listen. Put your ear right up to your computer screen.

Do you hear it? A vague humming-buzzing-vibrating sort of noise?

It's there, listen close.

Know what that sound is? You might think it's your computer doing its computer things down in the depths of its computer belly. But you would be wrong. That sound is me, sitting all the way over here in New Hampshire, jittery and wired because this morning I faced a choice between coffee or napping at my desk, and I opted for the former. It's the first time in years that I've had anything stronger than orange juice to drink in the morning... I'm about ready to climb the walls.

And I hate the taste of real coffee. Love the smell of fresh-ground beans, love the smell of it percolating, and even went through a phase in college where I ate chocolate-covered espresso beans on purpose. But coffee brewed in a cup, no cream, no sugar, BLECH. So I ordered a medium iced coffee with cream and extra-large sugar. You can see a quarter-inch pile of sugar at the bottom, and since they gave me a straw I get to chase it around and maintain a good sugar high too.

The sad thing is, I'm working alone today, so there's no one to witness my goofiness. When I have caffeine in the morning, I am like a 12-year-old girl on speed. Can't shut up, can't sit down, can't focus. It's worth the price of admission, I tell ya.