Wednesday, August 02, 2006
So far I've been pretty good about avoiding using my full name or similar on this blog... I'm not sure why. But to stay in that vein, I'm not using my last name here, even though it's pertinent to this post. Let's say that it's Mallinger, that's close enough to get the point across. Because it was amusing. To me.

Last night Willem was holed up in our bedroom to plan his class and do whatever other mysterious teacherlike things he has to do, because it's the only air-conditioned room in the house. (Yes. I do, as a matter of fact, experience Mommy-guilt because I have an A/C unit in my bedroom and my children do not. But so far I've been able to cope.) He's using a laptop on loan from the college, and it's got all sorts of fancy unnecessary gadgetry, like fingerprint recognition and voice recognition and handwriting recognition... I'm frankly surprised it doesn't greet me by name when I enter the room.

So at some point he was playing with the handwriting recognition feature, seeing how close to accurate it came. With his signature, pretty close. So I tried mine... not so close. Instead of Kate B. Mallinger, it told me that I had written "Rationally."

There's just something so Rorschachian about writing my name and having it come back with the word "Rationally." Because that's just about as far from how I've actually felt, lately, as one could possibly get. The only way it could have been less accurate is if it had come back with "Thin and Sexy" or maybe "Unreasonably Rich."