Friday, September 01, 2006
Willem, I'm Sorry.
I am. Truly. If I had any impulse control or conscience, I wouldn't post this.

Because I know you didn't find it as funny as I did. I know that you were, in fact, frustrated and saddened by it. And I know it wasn't intentional.

Honestly, I'm not laughing at you. Since you're not laughing, I can't say that I'm laughing with you.

But, seriously. If it had happened to ANYONE else, you would giggle. Perhaps even snort. Certainly you would be unable to repress a smirk.

Emily was so excited about finding a salamander, and you were almost as excited to see it. And it was so obviously miserable, covered in bright purple sand from her sandbox and having been manhandled by a series of grade school beasts. So I wanted to rinse it off - and of course that's the precise moment when my phone rang, so I sort of thrust a bowlful of salamander your way.

It's not your fault that it decided to wash right down the drain with the water.

But it WAS funny.