Saturday, November 25, 2006
Fishes Out of Water
This is part of the bookshelf in Willem's aunt's room.

Now, let me think. Why is it that we don't try and talk politics over Thanksgiving dinner?

It's not that I have such diametrically opposed views that I can't even bear the thought. It's that I don't actually enjoy political debates, and my views are just enough different that we wouldn't exactly be chatting and nodding happily along.

The good part is, they're so comfortably ingrained in their beliefs that it never occurs to them that anyone might possibly not 100% agree. So we employ a don't ask, don't tell approach... hey, if it works for the military, then it works for in-laws.

I know. It doesn't really work for the military. But so far the in-laws are proving more obedient. Asking-telling-wise, anyway.