Monday, November 20, 2006
In the World of Lucky Charms...
...there are three inhabitants.

There are the people who randomly and haphazardly scoop up cereal without looking first, without even acknowledging that there are, in fact, separate and distinct elements of Charms.

There are people who carefully pick out all of the marshmallows first, leaving a bowlful of cat food which they will then shovel down with the penitent and remorseful attitude of a weekend marijuana user on a 2-5 year sentence, just doing their time so that they can get out and move on with their lives.

And there are the people who carefully sort through and select out all of the cat food first, leaving a bowl of oddly compressed marshmallows that would never make an actual s'more, in order to snarf down all of those marshmallows in three or four frantic spoonfuls at the end and ride the sugar high most of the way to lunch.