Thursday, November 16, 2006
The Great Equalizers
How sweet.

Truly, heartfelt.

Of course, I'm speaking of OJ and Britney. (THERE's a love child I don't even want to think about.) How nice of them to do big wild crazy newsworthy things, which are bound to make BOTH sides of the political spectrum foam at the mouth, just before Thanksgiving. Way to create some pre-dinner conversation topics, my friends. Or, people whom I could never ever in a brazilian years imagine myself being friends with. You know, whatever.

Though, actually, this is somewhat of a relief. The last time we spent Thanksgiving with Willem's aunt, they staged an impromptu pro-Bush, anti-Kerry rally in their living room on Black Friday, and it was a wee tad bit awkward. Neither Willem nor I are strongly political, in the sense that we simply don't enjoy a rousing political debate any more than we would enjoy, say, having hot pokers driven underneath our fingernails. There's just a futility to that type of discussion, particularly when dealing with a room full of people who feel the need to cross themselves and spit when the word "hill" is uttered just on the off-chance that it is followed by "ary."

So, now, let's see... who else? Somebody big. Maybe Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could conceive their next child on live television to benefit orphans and baby seals? Or Elvis could resurface in an emo band? Or Big Bird could come out "on a very special episode"??? One more big event, and we should be well and truly insulated from politics for the whole week.