Friday, November 10, 2006
Men ARE from Mars
My husband spent some unknown amount of time last night - more than the thirty seconds it just to me to decide that I don't get it - playing this game. Snickering and giggling and generally enjoying himself.

So I came into work this morning, all set to play some fun new time-wasting game, and I'm left clueless. Maybe I'm not supposed to understand.

Okay, an update from Willem:
Well, it's NOT fake popping bubble paper or singing horses but the reason I find it funny is because I try really hard not to hurt the little guy, and he always crashes spectacularly.

Watch this video to see what you're supposed to do (not that I can do this yet). I especially like the last part of the video.

Clearly my creativity and commitment muscles are atrophied in the realm of Windows games. I'll have to work on that.