Friday, November 03, 2006
I'm Such a Lemming
I was not in any sort of a mood this morning. Not a good one, not a bad one. Just doing my job and waiting for the day to pass by.

But then I started chatting telepathically communicating with my friend Kim, and SHE was in a bad mood, and like the good little lemming I am, I jumped right over that cliff with her. From blase to bitchy in 4.7 seconds.

And the answer is NO. NO, I don't know where all of the paperwork is for the people who worked yesterday. I wasn't in that particular crowd, and even if I was I wouldn't babysit their paperwork. NO, I did not wear an IQ-reducing tie over my casual-dress-Friday t-shirt today in honor of some guy, whom I have never actually shared airspace with, leaving the company. And NO, I don't care where you're going for lunch, you insipid overly-chatty ... person. No.

And please don't ask me if I want to come along, because I think we've already established the answer.