Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Some Things Don't Belong in an Office Environment
Such as, Perfect J's daughter's 120-pound dog. Sure, it's cute, and quiet, and well-behaved. Lovely.

But it also is disconcerting, off-putting, and a wee bit unnerving to be on the phone with a client, trying to convince her not to commit suicide, and to glance over at the enormous dog sitting on the floor next to your desk, and be confronted with an unobstructed view of far more dog penis than would ever be cleared for primtime television viewing.

I mean, really.

Speaking of inappropriate things to do at work... While I'm not quite as cool or popular as Wordnerd, I'm still jazzed at the idea of rolling over 10,000 hits today. Took me all of 342 posts to do it, but then many of them are just archives from my pre-Blogger days... so who knows how many posts it actually took?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for visiting. In honor of 10,000, I'm trying out a new template. Thanks to Pannasmontata for doing all of the hard stuff so that all I had to deal with was details.