Friday, October 27, 2006
Drama, Drama Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink
In other news, I belong to two different message boards, and play around on different group blogs, and a couple of web rings... wait, why is it that I get eyestrain?

Anyway, something must be in the air recently, because in the past week I've watched two of the web rings start to bite and snip and growl and pull hair, all over things which, to us innocent (hah!) observers, look pretty innocuous. And I just learned about a splinter group that has been created off of one of them, which doesn't appear to be common knowledge yet... so I'm pulling up my chair, grabbing for some popcorn, and waiting for it to blow. This all would be more fun with alcohol, but then again I don't drink... guess I'll just have to pretend.

I'm hoping that, God forbid, I don't get a call for my actual job and end up missing it all.

I just love watching people behave badly. Especially when it distracts me from the drama in my own head/house/whatever.