Saturday, October 28, 2006
While You're Jumping, Sigmund, Grab Rush, Okay?
Because if any current media figure could use a flying leap, or maybe even just being landed on by a dead Viennese misogynist, Rush Limbgaugh is it.

For those who've been lucky enough to avoid the story, allow me to rain on your parade. Rush viewed an interview between Katie Couric and Michael J. Fox, in which Michael was not having a good day. There's a reason they don't sell Parkinsons-inducing inhalers at your corner store.

Rush then decided to use his public clout and influence on the listening public to proclaim that MJF must have either been acting or off his medication.

Words fail to express my fervent hope that soon, Rush will be standing on his chair in the studio to try to swat a fly on the ceiling, slip, and end up with his microphone firmly lodged in a particularly sensitive spot. Sideways.