Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Awww and Oops and Yeah
As is my habit at the end of each shift, I called Curmudgeonly J, who is on the overnight shift tonight, to let him know what issues are ongoing, who was hospitalized today, et cetera. And at the end of the phone call, he said, unprompted by me, "How are you feeling today, any better?"

Awwww, I could weep. Curmudgeonly J not only knew I was sick, but remembered to say something. Isn't it sad when we're surprised when someone turns out to be human after all?

But never fear, there's a 4-hour staff meeting tomorrow... plenty of time to balance that out.

As for the oops. My father and I were chatting at lunchtime, and he said, "Oh, just so you know, I've told your sisters and my family about W. So it's not like some big secret now." Umm, yeah. Except I posted it a month ago here, so I've already told just about everyone I know. But I appreciated the clarity, I suppose. Whatever.

And then the yeah. I was, briefly, a celebrity today. A local radio station was having one of those ongoing discussions where they ask people to call in with stories, today's topic being weird break-ups. One DJ started it with a story about his buddy who broke up with a girl via a text message to her phone.

So I called in, being en route to the hospital with nothing better to do (shut up, it would NOT have been better to just pay attention and drive), and told them about RobbieG, my weirdest high school relationship.

RobbieG preferred to be called Rob, but his last name was one syllable and RobbieG**** just flowed so much better... and besides, who picks nicknames based on what the target would prefer to be called? I knew him distantly, we had a few friends in common. But he was a year behind me and I was a nerd in a lot of AP classes, so our paths rarely crossed. And I was a wicked band geek, not to mention theater club and mock trial and Mathletes (yeah-huh!) and he was not, which removed us even more.

But I knew him. Sort of. By sight.

So you can imagine my surprise one day, to answer the phone and have him on the other end. And even more so when he said, "Hi, Kate. I just wanted to let you know that I want to go out with someone else, so I think you and I should stop seeing each other."


I said, "Hello? RobbieG? Um, I mean, Rob?"

He said, "Yeah, who else?"

"Well, sure, good question. Um. You know this is Kate, right?"

"Yes, of course. Duh. I'm just saying, I really like you, but I don't think we can be anything more than friends."


(long pause)

He said, "So... you're okay with that?"

"Yes. In fact, I always was."

"Oh. You're not mad?"

"No. Confused, but not mad. I guess I didn't realize we were, you know... anything."

"Oh. Well. Okay. I'll see you around, then!"


(long pause)

I said, to no one, "I think I just got dumped. That's really weird."

So I ate ice cream and got over it. To my knowledge, he and I never dated again... but now that I think of it, he never did officially call and tell me he couldn't marry me, so maybe I'm married with 4 kids in upstate New York. I should check on that.