Friday, November 10, 2006
Life Isn't Fair
I don't often ask you to go read someone else's blog, because I have a whole list of them over there on the right if you're interested (though the REAL reason for that list is so that while I'm at work I can still visit people without recreating bookmarks on the work computer)...

... but this guy's experiences and words are killing me today. Read it for a while, give it some time - the awfulness of it took a few posts to really wash over me. Somehow reading it in reverse is even more horrific for me, but if you prefer to read things in chronological order, it seems like November 1 would be the place to start. It's on page 7 right now, but may continue to slip backward.

Just let me warn you. This is horrifying, because it's so damn mundane at first. And it just keeps not getting better. And I don't know what I would do.

There's one line, paragraph, clump of words, whatever, that just blew me away.
She never believed in an afterlife. I did, to an extent, but we never talked about it. I wish now that we had agreed on a place to meet, just in case.