Monday, November 13, 2006
Got Creativity?
Because I don't.

I've decided I no longer want to keep the title to this blog, but I can't decide what to replace it with.

I know I want something that doesn't focus on my mother-in-law, because I really don't want to define myself by her anymore. Not that I do in every aspect of my life, but everytime I check my own blog, or post, or whatever, I think of her for at least a second. And I hate that. (Astute readers might notice that this implies that I have a life outside of blogging... my husband might disagree, but sometimes I actually do!)

So, any ideas? Input? Whatever?

I'm thinking short, one or two words... For a while I was thinking "So Anyway..." because I've been known to use those words a time or three, but then it made me think of the movie Say Anything and I really, really, really hate that movie. Because I used to really love it and now it reminds me of something that pisses me off. Then I was thinking "Surreality Check," but my life isn't that surreal. Long, long ago, before it was on Blogger, it was called "Random Insanity" but then I realized that (a) it wasn't random, and (b) it wasn't insane. Being in the mental health field, I find myself annoyingly sensitive to inaccurate casual references to being insane, schizophrenic, passive-aggressive, and so on.

I'm just pulling a blank here. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?