Monday, November 27, 2006
This Week's Google Searches
I routinely check my stats thingy over on the right, initially because I was curious and now because I find it hilarious. A lot of people arrive here via bookmarks or other blogs, but then you get the google searchers. Such an odd variety of things land people here.

There's the routine stuff, which is funny to me but not surprising:

  • passive-aggressive mother-in-law

  • psychology internship applications

  • pregnancy and idiotic husbands (sorry, Willem! *I* don't think you're an idiot!)

  • Chuck E. Cheese games

And then there's the somewhat-more-disturbing and bizarre:

  • 3some where husband watches wives

  • emu mating dance

  • Teri Schiavo and sex

  • Chuck E. Cheese massacre

  • serial killers and ceral

Two more just in:

  • i want to cheese my grandma in the head and permanent teeth

  • my mother in law peed on me I have an urge

Agreed, it's some weird people doing searches out there. But they're ending up HERE. So who's weirder?