Friday, December 29, 2006
See You on the Other Side
I might find time to post over the weekend, but I also might just bask in the sublime ecstasy which is spending time with my family and shoving 2006 out the door. It was a long year. Mostly good, and also a bunch of bad, and in general I'm tired of it. I'll try and review it in the next few weeks, but I need a tiny bit of perspective.

And I had forgotten the inexpressible bliss which comes with sharing a hobby with someone... in this case, it's knitting with my sister Sarah. We're working on separate projects, sort of toddlerlike parallel play, but we share an interest and I'd forgotten how cool that feeling is. Almost makes me want to go out and find some sort of knitting circle or something locally. Almost.

But not quite.

Anyway, I won't likely be here much in the next few days, so a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. May 2007 treat you gently and kindly.