Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Too Much Fly Fishing
At home right now, I'm transcribing an hour-long interview with some guy who is apparently somewhat famous, if fame in your world involves saltwater fly fishing. In my world, it does not.

And you know what? You can, in fact, run out of things to say about fly fishing. At least, things that are interesting to anyone who doesn't own hipwaders. Within about 5 minutes, actually.

And along these lines, I stumbled upon a concept earlier today that makes me instantly anxious and threatened even though no one has actually suggested that I have to consider it: the Dvorak keyboard. I've been doing transcription for about 7 years now, on and off, and had worn the letters off of several keys on my old laptop. I didn't even notice when it happened - but the first time a friend asked to borrow my computer, it took him for-ev-er to send an email.

So the mere concept of being asked to relearn how to type on a non-QWERTY keyboard makes my pupils dilate and my heart rate increase. And not in a good way.