Sunday, December 03, 2006
The Difference 27 Years Makes
My town had a Christmas parade today. It was lame. Boring. A bunch of bored-looking people wandering down the road while a bunch of equally bored-looking people drank Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate-resembling-beverage and watched them. When Jacob announced, an hour into the parade, that he was ready to go home, I was relieved and grateful to be able to skip out before the traffic piled up.

But from Emily's point of view, "That was AWESOME! There were SO MANY TRUCKS! And people! And candy! That was so cool, Mom! I can't wait to tell my friends at school all about it! Thanks, Mom!"

And Jacob: "I had fun, Mama. It was fun. I liked a parade."

Either I've just become jaded with age, or I've seen enough halfway decent parades that this one isn't up to par. So either I need to prevent my children from aging, or never take them to a parade in any other town in the country. Or I'll just wait till the letdown of jadedness sets in.