Thursday, December 07, 2006
The Unbearable Weight of Baby
Jacob and I are sharing some sort of headache/stomachache virus sort of thing right now, and allow me to just say that it is true proof of the generosity and humanity of my spirit that I'm not describing any more of our symptoms to you.

But one symptom is sort of a constant dragging fatigue for me, which I can only assume he feels as well because after a 2-hour nap he got up and came and laid on my chest on the couch, for another hour. And he is now lying on the floor trying to watch TV, which is two feet off the ground and somewhat behind him so it's more of a challenge than I usually try to give myself for simple media consumption.

For that hour, though... go ahead, just TRY to have a sleeping baby snuggled up on your chest, when you're already feeling tired and under-the-weather, and stay awake. Just try it.