Monday, December 11, 2006
Until He Can Be Bothered to Get a Gmail Account...
...I'll just have to keep copy-and-pasting. Woe is me.

Willem wrote:
Emily missed the bus this morning because I got all ambitious and cooked french toast. We were walking out of the house just as the bus was leaving. So I drove down to the other elementary school, where the bus was waiting, and dropped her off there. It was funny - she walked up to the bus door and waved at the bus driver, who obliviously waved back, only to finally realize that her salutation was intended to result in the opening of the door. So he did, and she got on, no problems. But then, I realized that I was facing the wrong way in an obvious one-way flow of traffic. I decided that I didn't care and instead of turning around, left via the entrance. This caused the undergarments of the volunteer crossing guard to become tied in a knot, as she tried desperately, through a bizarre dance of hand gestures, to display her displeasure with my decision. Whatever, lady... your orange sash doesn't scare me, despite your uncanny resemblence to Jack Nicholson.