Friday, March 23, 2007
An Entire Religion Crumbles
I can't remember the adjective I've previously applied to her, but I work with The World's Most Annoying Woman. I know, I know, you have other nominees, and we can compete some other time.

But Annoying C, her job is to bill clients and insurance companies, and she therefore spends a lot of time on hold. And randomly talks at me, without bothering to turn around and face me or enunciate. And complains a lot, and whines about her grandkids, and is generally just, ugh. [whine]I don't liiiiike her.[/whine]

Whatever. You get the idea, I don't need to set the scene. Just let me share the most recent mind-erasing interaction.

She waddles over to my area of cubicles, because I have windows and she does not. She has purchased a sheet of Jell-O Jigglers-like gel window clings in an Easter motif. Bunnies and eggs and stuff.

She peels off the first one, and sticks it on Perfect J's window. Never bothers to say anything, such as, "Excuse me," or, "Do you mind if I put these up?" Just slaps 'em up, haphazardly to my eye, and waddles away again.

Then she says, "Oh. I didn't even think. Do you think anyone will mind about those being on the window? I just think they're cute, and they're not that religious or anything. No one would be offended, right?"

Sure, no, they're not that religious, symbols of Easter and miracles and rising from the dead and the basis of an entire freakin' religion.